Friday, August 12, 2011


My BFF came over today to hang out cause we have not seen each other in a  long time.Also because summer time is almost over with. We played dress-up in my moms old time kind of  dresses they are so cool and cute though. Then we recorded our self's being crazy with her very cool video flip camera. Then we made some cookies that are gigantic when they were not supposed to be but whatever. We did a lot of cool things today and some crazy but all and all we had fun just wish she could stay longer. Even though she lives here we barely get to see each other since we go to both different schools but maybe we will go to the same high school Santa Fe High School.

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  1. GIRL ... you better not let your momma hear you talk about her "old time kind of dresses" ... :)
    So glad you got to spend some time with your BFF today ... there isn't ANYTHING better than a fun-do-what-you-want-no-plans-kind-of-day with your BFF!!
    Thanks for checking on Uncle B today ... I hope grandma shared his "pretty" pictures with you!!

    Love YOU!!