Sunday, June 19, 2011


Had the best day at the beach on FRIDAY. I went with Aunt Amy and little sis Hayley. Aunt Amy found a little place when we got there that was great and better than the normal one also nicer. It was AMAZING we made the coolest thing, we made a heart out of sand and built it up high. We swam for a while getting out and then in again. Aunt Amy lathered us up with sunscreen and only had to put it on once. I only got a little sun on the tops of my legs but I think I was about the only one that got sun. Aunt Amy did get a little on her face though, she had to put sunscreen on two times. We got MCDONALDS for breakfast and SONNYS for a late but yummy lunch. Me and Hayley did not want to leave but it was time to go. So we rinsed off with the clean water and jumped into our dry clothes in the nasty bathroom. A much needed relaxing fun day had come to an end. When we got home it was nasty rainy weather but it eventually went away. Thanks AUNT AMY for the GREAT day hope we can do it soon. Love, Brookie


  1. You are so welcome Brookie … we had such a WONDERFUL day didn’t we … like I told your momma – I’m not sure who had more fun ya’ll or me!! I always enjoy spending a day with you sweet gals – you make me VERY proud!! I will be checking the calendar today to see when we can plan our next trip to the beach and hopefully Jake will be able to go too!! Love YOU!!

  2. I'm so glad you girls had a great time. Me and SaraGrace may have to crash your party next time:)