Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All packed for camp can't wait. All I need now is my money and my sleeping bag that needs to be washed and then I am off. So excited me and my friend reserved the room so we don't have to sleep with strangers. I am not that nervous I have done it many times but just a little nervous I guess. Counting down the days and double checking everything. The four amigos will be together cause the fourth one is coming she got off the waiting list and can go!!! whoo hoo

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  1. So excited you are able to have the FC camp experience Brookie!!!! Oh and if I remember correctly - weren't there ants in the Big Bed last year?? I'm just sayin!! Your poor counselor ... after having you 4 gals in her cabin her life will NEVER be the same!! Seriously though I am so proud of YOU Brookie!!!!

    Love YOU!
    Aunt Amy