Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Getting ready to go to FC camp and having fun. I cant wait till camp I have 10 more days and counting. Me and some of my VERY good friends were talking yesterday about it. It is sad to know that one of the 4 amigos may not be there so it may just be the 3:'(. But I still have to pack I mean I have like everything that I need in a mental picture but not out yet. Mom went shopping at her lunch break today for some stuff (we will see how that goes). For the few days we are going to be there it takes a lot of preparation. I go the 3rd of July and come back the 8th. Last year for the 4th of July which was the first day we were there group 3 and 4 me and the older kids got to see fire people that play with fire and stuff. I got to find out what SOCIETY I am on ARETE which I am not the HAPPIEST about but I will have to deal with it. Friends are on the same one so it is ok as long as I know someone. I have been on OMEGA two times and KO once. SUPER excited and waiting hope I wont forget anything...


  1. We will miss you sooooooooooooo much while you are gone!!

    Love you!
    Aunt MAL

  2. Soooooooo exciting .... I remember not being able to sleep for at least a week before camp because I was so excited to see all my friends I hadn't seen in a year!! I know you sweet gals will have a BLAST!!!! Who is your counselor this year?? So sorry you aren't on Omega with Mr. Phil - I know he does an AWESOME job!!!! Can't wait to hear all the GREAT stories when you get back. Love YOU!!!!

    P. S. And just remember if you forget something you have several folks who you can go to and they will get you EXACTLY what you need!!